Why is maintaining public housing difficult?

Sep 20,2019|Arlene Jones

Maintaining public housing is very difficult, according to recent studies it has been noticed that the condition of public housing around the country. Public housings are such places and communities that serve people who have low income and are mostly senior citizens or disabled people. Some of the buildings of the public housing sector are so bad that the HUD has taken responsibility for managing its song the public housing agency.

The main reason that it is difficult to maintain the public housing community is that the buildings are old, and there has been severe mismanagement in handling the funds. There are several levels of HUD that handle the inspection of flaws.  The largest problem which has been faced today is the money needed for repairing as the housing communities are in dire need of being repaired.

The daily maintenance of the buildings has to be done so that they remain safe and comfortable for the people who use it. Some of the buildings are in such a bad condition that they require new routes and boilers and other major parts that are expensive. People can be prone to hazards if they live in such conditions. The lead paint which is used causes an environmental hazard. Almost all the housing communities were built after 1981 to 1991, and there has been no addition of housing societies.

Which means that the buildings are easily more than 30 years old. The main reason for the poor conditions is a lack of funding. Almost all the public housing communities operating currently have been unfunded for ages. Hence replacing bulbs, operating the broken doors and windows, fixing toilet and stoves all fixed through operation fund. And other things which require more money cannot be fixed. If the problems keep on accumulating over time the properties offer damage and larger problems can arise. The capital fund has fallen to 35% since 2000.

Even today the best managed public housing committees do not have enough money e for basic requirements like boilers and roofs. This public housing Association has suffered due to mismanagement and fraud where millions of dollars are drawn each year for repairs and upgrades but no action has been taken.

Today's scenario has become the worst as poor living conditions are very common. Nothing is done to improve the conditions which are faced by the residents, and most of the public housing stocks are old. Under extreme conditions, a few buildings are demolished that have a leaky roof and faulty boilers.